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Daniel Jouvance

  • The brand is available in France, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland and the Netherlands
  • 2 stores in Brittany at Carnac and on Houat Island.

The sea - a source of beauty


At the heart of our expertise: microalgae

Ingenious little life factories, microalgae are a promise of youth and irreplaceable beauty. Our researchers isolate their active principles, which act as real performance boosters. When combined with the mineral power of Physiomarine®* water they form efficient, innovative cosmetic products: marine cosmetics. 

* Exclusive to Daniel Jouvance


In the heart of the ocean, the island where it all begins:

Off the coast of Brittany, Houat Island is a place of conservation, anchored in the Atlantic Ocean. It is home to the Eclosarium, the Daniel Jouvance Laboratories marine cosmetics research centre, founded in 1980, where experts and researchers evaluate the properties of microalgae, select the best strains and cultivate them in conditions that optimise their growth. All using their skill in marine biotechnologies, respecting the natural world.


Our commitments

At Daniel Jouvance, marine cosmetics and respect for the environment go hand in hand:

  • Maximum of natural ingredients in the products. No use of paraben or animal products.
  • Products are made in France.
  • Packaging made from paper from sustainably managed forests.
  • Face care in jars designed with eco-refills to respect the environment and make a contribution to financing the work done by the Daniel Jouvance Foundation - Institut de France (1 eco-refill bought = €0.30 donated).
  • Microalgae researched and cultivated responsibly in our Research Centre on Houat Island in Brittany.


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